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Have you been fined 1000* rupees for jumping a red light signal?

Traffic Signals are in bad conditions i.e. Fade / Blur / not visible / broken / timers are not working and more.

Few Images:-

Do not ignore this public campaign.

Q - who can participate in this campaign?
A - All are free to join this traffic signal campaign. but the person should have DL or LL holder. (kids are not allowed).

Q - why need this Traffic Signal campaign?
A - Traffic signals have important roles to control traffic but a large number of traffic signals and times do not occur in working conditions that impose unnecessary traffic fines on your pocket. Traffic signals are the basic needs of all vehicle users.

You have two types of options to contribute to this traffic signal campaign Offline and Online:-

A. Offline -
Our team will come to your area for an offline campaign.
Offline condition - minimum 20 people should be SIGN to participate.
Duration - only 5 min for each person.
Letter drafting - our org already has drafted a letter on behalf of you so no need to draft it separately but you are free to draft a letter according to your choice.

B. Online -
Please note - You will not get an option to fill-up a PDF file without the following steps:-

Download PDF File link - click here 

1. Install the Adobe reader app on your mobile. Link -

2. No need to login or create a user ID in the Adobe reader app - just skip that option.

3. Open the file which you have received from us. "Traffic Signals Bangalore".

4. Start to fillup FROM address "your Name + Postal address + Pin code & your contact number.

Scroll down "2nd page" and add your digital signature;

How to add a signature:-

Just keep hold your mobile screen for 1 second & one option list will pop-up on your mobile screen, in that list, you will see the option "Signature" so select "Signature" and Draw your signature on your mobile screen & finally add your Signature in the letter.

After complete details please send us that PDF file :-

Mail to -
send us file through WhatsApp - Click here